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7 Amazing Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation is generally considered more beneficial than traditional excavation methods. If you’re looking to dig up and move soil, you may be wondering how Hydro Excavation can benefit you. Read on to discover seven amazing benefits associated with hiring a Hydro Excavation company.

What Is Hydro Excavation?

Before we look at the benefits of hydro excavation, let’s consider how this process works. Hydro Excavation involves the use of high-pressure water instead of mechanical tools to loosen and dig up soil. The pressurized water is first leveraged to create a dirt slurry. An industrial-strength vacuum is then used to remove the slurry and uncover the layers of earth below.

The dirt slurry is suctioned into an excavator truck and the wet material is relocated and used for environmental conservation purposes. This popular excavation technique has a wide range of uses. It has been used to expose utility lines, speed debris removal along, and perform cold weather excavation, among other things. Generally, Hydro Excavation techniques are a more popular method for utility locations. According to Statistics Database, the job outlook for the plumbing industry is 16% through the year 2026. This is much higher than average. So, it’s safe to say that plumbing methods like hydro excavation are set to keep thriving.

How Can A Hydro Excavation Company Benefit You?

Environmentally-Friendly Service – Overall, hydro excavation is better for the environment than traditional methods. It leverages the power of pressurized water to dig up the soil, which does not harm the environment since water is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Hydro excavation is a non-destructive process and eliminates the need for mechanical tools which can end up damaging utility lines and the environment. It also eliminates the use of chemical processes which have a harmful effect on the environment. Chemicals tend to contaminate the soil, plants, and underground resource. This can have far-reaching negative consequences. With hydro excavation, everything is done in a precise and controlled manner that minimizes the damage to surrounding areas. After the procedure is completed the impact to the surrounding areas. For instance, less soil is disrupted and the process is less invasive in nature.

Safe Method For Utility Location – One of the common services offered by any hydro excavation company in utility locating. This involves digging up the soil to uncover underground utility features and can apply to residential, industrial, and commercial utility features. The main problem with using traditional excavation digging methods is that there’s a higher risk of damaging the utility lines. With hydro excavation, pressurized water is far less likely to damage underground pipes. The pressurized water will slowly uncover pipes with accuracy. The stream of water can be directed with more precision and used to soften the soil with no mishaps. Since the majority of utility lines are located underground, hydro excavation easily becomes the top choice for a variety of projects involving utility lines.

Cost-Effective Alternative – At the end of the day, using the services of a hydro excavation company is more cost-effective. If you need to dig up the soil, opting for this method can help you save more money because the process is faster and more precise. In addition, there are no mechanical tools involved so the process is considerably less labor-intensive. So, you can expect to see few workers and fewer employees on-site. That means this process is much cheaper since there are fewer input costs. For instance, as mentioned, hydro excavation companies suction the dirt slurry into a truck which then stores the debris in a tank. This is part of the service, so you don’t have to worry about transporting the dug-up soil which reduces the time spent on the project. Another way that hydro excavation reduces costs is by minimizing repairs that are common with traditional methods because of damaged underground utilities.

Enables Projects To Continue In Cold Weather – During winter, it can be difficult to dig up soil. The good news is that if this happens, hot water hydrovac systems are a viable solution. As the name suggests, these systems provide pressurized hot water which thaws and softens the frozen soil so that it can be easily removed. This is highly beneficial as it enables projects to proceed even when the temperatures drop. The construction industry and the plumbing industry rely on this technique to keep their bottom line profitable. That’s because having to down tools because of freezing temperatures can lead to costly and significant delays. By using hot pressurized water, companies in this industry can complete their projects quickly and accurately which is good for business.

Offers A Wide Range Of Services – Besides utility locating and cold weather digging, hydro excavation has many useful purposes. For instance, it’s typically used for slot trenching which involves the precise digging up of narrow trenches to facilitate the installation, repair, and replacement of underground utility lines. Similarly, the technique is used in utility construction for potholing. Another handy use of hydro excavation is debris removal. When the dirt slurry is removed, it’s relocated for proper and sustainable disposal. Hydro excavation generally has wider applications and is a useful technique used across many industries.

Minimizes Risk Of Service Interruptions – It can’t be overstated how much damage traditional excavation methods are potentially capable of. The chances of damaging underground utility lines are high and with it comes the risk of service interruptions. For instance, there’s a possibility that drilling and backhoeing can damage underground infrastructure. If water pipes are damaged they can start leaking and this can be expensive to repair. Sometimes if the damage is significant, the process may have to be halted to attend to repairs. This can be highly inconvenient and costly. On the other hand, hydro excavation comes with minimal risk of service interruptions, it’s faster, and it’s more precise.

Helps Lower Insurance Risk – As mentioned, hydro excavation facilitates the digging up of soil in a much safer manner. Not only does this protect the environment but it also minimizes the risk of injury to workers. This technique is used by the construction, plumbing, and landscaping industries to leverage lower insurance costs. As a rule, most reputable companies have to be insured to ensure they are covered if any accidents happen. However, it’s common knowledge that insurers charge more if they believe that a company is engaged in high-risk activities. Fortunately, hydro excavation is considered relatively low-risk compared to traditional methods. That means hydro excavation companies can enjoy better rates and their clients can also benefit since some of the costs are passed down.

The advantages of Hydro Excavation technology are impressive, to say the least. However, it’s important that you only work with the best Hydro Excavation company to experience these amazing benefits. In that case, we recommend that you get in touch with us for all your Hydro Excavation needs. Ensure the success of your project by calling today!