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The health and safety of your home are our top priority.  At Steve Ray Plumbing Service, we have knowledgeable service technicians who are all certified and trained to respect your home and take every precaution to protect it while on the premises.  Technicians wear booties over their work shoes, and in many cases, we tarp the floors to prevent the transfer of pollutants.

Our service vans are fully stocked with repair and replacement parts for almost any residential situation.  With an extensive supply of inventory brought to every job, we can repair or replace service plumbing without needing to leave to purchase materials, saving you time and money.  We work with our customers to provide you the service you need and do this with honest and competitive pricing.

Steve Ray Plumbing Service offers a variety of services:

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Our 14-foot box truck is stocked with necessary tools and parts to fix the plumbing problems in your home.  We service:

  • Faucets: Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, outdoor
  • Water heaters
  • Garbage disposals
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs and showers
  • Water line repair or replacement
  • Water service from house to meter
  • Frozen pipes
  • Broken pipes

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Steve Ray Plumbing Service is a main line sewer specialist in dealing with sewer issues from the house to the city’s main line connection.  We offer a variety of services in regards to sewage service and maintenance.  The equipment we bring to the job site boasts the latest in technology and includes the use of our state of the art video inspection camera to give a detailed, color description of the condition of your residence’s main line.  This is necessary to determine whether your sewer line needs to be repaired, replaced, or maintained and we provide this service at no extra charge to you when we open a clogged main line.  These images can be viewed by the technician and yourself as he explains the condition of the inside of the sewer.  Once we locate a problem in the sewer, we can perform necessary repairs.

We also use cable and blade rotor machines that can clean drains from 1.5” up to 6”.  This process is used when clearing tree and bush roots out at the tile joints which make up older home sewer lines.  We have a high velocity water jetter that cleans drain sizes from 1.5” up to 24” in diameter.  This jetter cleans sludge, grease, and removes all debris scale drain line build up.  We also own all of our digging equipment in the event that you need a repair.

If you know your system needs to be repaired or replaced, call us and schedule an estimate appointment.

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Drain Cleaning

We use the latest technology and equipment to clear drains and sewers.  We snake drains with an “eel” and use our high pressure water jet system to resolve drain issues.  Contact Us for assistance with any of the following:

  • Small drain cleaning: Bathroom, kitchen, laundry
  • Rooter service
  • Water jet cleaning
  • Sewer replacement
  • Physical and video pipe inspection
  • Sewer repair and installation
  • Access compartment clean-out

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Gas Lines

We repair, and if necessary, replace gas lines.  We also offer rigid gas line repair. Our flexible gas line repair will save you money on labor, prevent gas lines from being rerouted, and give you the ability to add another supply line for future installs for fire places, garage heaters, etc.

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Sump Pumps: Primary & Back-Up

Sump pumps are an essential tool for keeping basements dry, and are vitally important in finished basements.  Our service vehicles carry multiple sump pumps, specifically those with a vertical pump which pumps up and down.  Years of experience have proven that this type of motion is better than a swing float and is less likely to become hung up during the pumping process.

Battery Back-up System

This is a smaller pump used right alongside a regular pump, and kicks on during a power outage.  Battery back-up sump pump systems are generally seen as not being as viable in the eyes of most homeowners because the batteries require maintenance every 4-6 months (adding distilled water).  If the maintenance is not completed, the battery will burn up or drop out of power depending on how long ago it was maintained.  There are batteries considered “maintenance free” which are marketed to last up to 3 years.  Our company has tried almost every battery for this application over the years and found most batteries do not last very long, and warranties tend to be prorated and do not offer much in the way of replacement.

In terms of actual battery powered pumps, they make small ones that are mostly made of plastic and are poor quality—pumping only about 12 gallons per minute.  The pumps we sell are made of steel and work just like a regular sump pump, pumping out the same rate as 33 gallons per minute.  This is done by the work of an inverter.  The only problem, as with all batteries, is the battery will eventually run out of power if the main source of power for the home is out for an extended period of time.

A back-up system is designed to buy you time to resolve the problem of power outage or a faulty primary pump.  None are designed to work as a primary resolve.

Water Pressure Back-Up System 

The water pressure back-up sump pump systems are a great way to protect your home when primary sump pumps fail.  They use your home’s domestic water to operate.  These are becoming more popular in the market due to their design.  It uses water from your water system to push through an actuator on the design, siphons the water up through a suck tube, then discharges the domestic water and sump pump water together outside the home.  This pump only pumps at a rate of 12-14 gallons per minute.  A standard primary pump has a rate of 33 gallons per minute.  This back-up pump system is designed for pump failure resolve.  We have installed a lot of these systems and they work well. 

We are happy to help you determine whether a water back-up pump is the right solution for keeping your residence dry and invite you to Contact Us for a free estimate on a new system.

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Tub/Shower Replacement

Bathtub and shower replacements are a viable solution if you look to avoid a full remodel of a bathroom.  We provide many cost saving options including a simple, standard replacement of fixtures for your basic tub and/or shower.  If a more customized solution fits your needs better, Steve Ray Plumbing can provide a quote for this service as well.

Handicap Accessible Modifications

Our most popular type of tub/shower replacement is for those who have special needs.  The scope of the work can be anything from a wheel chair accessible shower to adding support bars and seats.  We will do our best to help you maintain your sanitary independence.  New products enter the market each year to help people with physical limitations, and our company remains current on how to assist our customers.  Please Contact Us to set up a meeting to discuss your specific requirements and needs.